Lubentia Vibe

The Lubentia Vibe is a mythical artifact. According to a rather esoteric legend, the Lubentia Vibe was responsible for the absolute subjugation of the Gideon Empire in the last years of its life.

Although the myth does not illuminate the exact nature, shape, or history of the Lubentia Vibe, the myth claims that it had the effect of being able to produce ecstatic religious visions on a wide scale, anywhere on the continent. The last Gideonese emperors used it to send extremely convincing religious visions to people, commanding them to support the established order. Dissidents frequently saw what they believed to be the gods themselves descending and telling them to support the emperor. Obedient populations were rewarded with what felt like fulfilling spiritual experiences.

The gods, every one of them, were outraged. But they also knew that the Lubentia Vibe was the only thing holding the empire together. With their prophetic ability, they all knew that its destruction would result in a new era of chaos and destruction. Fraudulent and blasphemous though it might be, its existence seemed to be better for humanity. The few humans who did become aware of the Lubentia Vibe’s existence felt the same way; nobody could bring themselves to destroy it.

Then one day, goes the story, a powerful traveling wizard and adventurer named Jackiv stumbled onto the artifact. Upon learning what it did, he immediately decided to destroy it (without even thinking about the consequences). With prodigious skill did he unmake the Lubentia Vibe, although the backlash surely would have killed him. But the deed attracted the attention of the gods, who chose to elevate him immediately to their company.

Criticism of the Myth

It should be noted that this myth is not widely known, nor is it accepted by all theologians. Critics find it hard to believe that the gods would not have intervened, especially chaotic or evil gods who would have had no objection to the bloodshed that ensued. History does record an centuries-long era of war and bloodshed, the Age of Conflict, which followed Gideon’s abrupt collapse. But historians understand the collapse of Gideon to be due to a combination of overcentralization, which was unworkable on such a large scale, and a lack of any economic sense, with a government that squandered massive amounts of resources on useless projects.

This myth also conflicts with traditional stories of Jackiv’s ascension to godhood. Traditionally, Jackiv was a wandering wizard during the Age of Conflict, who worked wonders wherever he went. Eventually he hit upon some fundamental secrets of reality and magic, which he carelessly (or carefreely might be a more accurate term) meddled with, triggering his apotheosis.

A final criticism of this myth is the mystery of how such an artifact could be created. There is no known deity who would assist in the construction of something so anathema. The best guess of the myth’s proponents is that the demon lord of heresy might have built such a thing.

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