Maximel (369-400 OC) was the founder of the Triune Religion. A human female from Arfàn, she claimed to have received a series of revelations about the mystical connection between the goddesses Hiropeh, Lotheria, and Saralek, and every single person in the world.

After sharing this revelation in 394, she traveled Lasant, gathering followers and spreading the word of her religion. The tales of the miracles she performed are many, and well-attributed; many people who witnessed them are still alive.

In 395, the Church of Lasant declared Maximel and her followers heretics, and attempted to have her arrested. Church inquisitors killed her on multiple occasions over the next five years, but she kept coming back to life. Eventually, in 400, she was caught after a prolonged and bloody battle. Since then all attempts to resurrect, contact, or locate her soul have failed. It is not even known what happened to her.

The Church is currently run by Maximel’s three closest disciples, the Triarchs.

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