Minor Deities

Minor deities are considered to be less powerful than the primary Deities of Meier, and have less widespread faiths than they do, but can also be even more mysterious. While anyone can worship a minor deity, usually their worship can only be found in specific places or among specific groups. Accurate information about these gods is also harder to come by.

Unlike the other gods, minor deities have four domains each instead of five, and do not offer a selection of subdomains. If a deity’s entry lists a domain with a subdomain, that domain can only be taken alongside the given subdomain. If no subdomain is listed, that domain cannot be taken with a subdomain.

Name Title Alignment Favored Weapon Domains
Akhnai The Un-God N Pistol Artifice, Community, Earth (Metal), Magic (Arcane)
Aulu Moondancer CN Blowgun Chaos, Charm (Lust), Moon*, Plant (Growth)
Duno Good Doctor LG Net Good (Friendship), Healing (Restoration), Law (Loyalty), Travel
Fstfrianiz Horror of Horrors CE Cat-o’-nine-tails Chaos (Whimsy), Evil, Madness, Void (Dark Tapestry)
Kryvok Divine Enforcer LN Glaive Darkness, Fire, Glory (Honor), Law (Judgment)
Laar Alpha Tree N Quarterstaff Air, Plant, Protection (Purity), Sun (Light)
Owendas The Final Guide NG Heavy Mace Community (Family), Emotion (Joy), Good, Repose
Ozevuv The Virtuoso Devil LE Whip Evil, Human* (Ambition*), Law (Devil), Pleasure* (Music*)
Umuloni The Lady of the Rains CG Trident Chaos, Good (Azata), Water, Weather (Storms)
Ziz Mighty Overbird NE Double Chicken Saber Air (Cloud), Animal (Feather), Evil, Strength (Ferocity)

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