Morgan is a prosperous Gardish city on the island of Campierno. Founded in 321 OC, it is still a vitally important colony for the Empire of Gard, both strategically and economically.

The population of Morgan, about 11,000 strong, is very diverse, although gnomes and halflings are almost completely absent due to the draw of nearby Redlum. The city has some dangerous districts, particularly Westmoor, but most of it is as safe as a Bocan city can be. Morgan is known for its abundance of civic holidays and general freedom. Its magically-powered lighthouse can be seen for miles away.

Morgan is a major center of Bocan trade, including the colony’s major agricultural exports, including sugarcane, cĂ phi, and other exotic (highly-priced) fruits. Because of Gard’s policy allowing privateering, Morgan is also a major military center in the Bocans. The governor of Morgan (currently a human cleric named Matteran Armand) was until recently empowered to offer letters of marque to independent armed ships, authorizing them to attack Arcish and pirate ships.

Now that privateering has come to an end, Governor Matteran (as he is known) is doing his best to find other jobs for ex-privateers so they do not turn to piracy, such as financing voyages of exploration.

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