Moscath (about 300 – 428 OC), also known as Prophet Moscath, was the half-elven founder of Vaunaun Syncretism. Arriving on the shore of Vaunoo in 325, he began preaching a new religion that combined the tropes and images of the local Vanuans with the spiritual juju traditions of the nidou immigrants.

Although most people in Gard thought that Moscath’s new religion was quite ridiculous, he quickly won a very devoted following in Vaunoo. He performed a number of public miracles with the aid (so he said) of the loa. His most impressive feat was the Opening of the Earthen Chest. This event began when Moscath proclaimed that Owendas had sent him a vision had shown him the location of an ancient relic from the early days of the world. Gathering a crowd of his faithful followers, skeptical onlookers, and curious citizens, the prophet began to march into the swamp. After two fruitless days, Moscath suddenly halted and proclaimed that he had found the appointed place. His followers dug into the soggy ground, and recovered a rectangular box of solid granite. The box looked like a solid but rectangular piece of earth. Many of those who’d doubted Moscath’s vision all along laughed when they saw this “treasure”. But when Moscath placed his hand on the stone and commanded it to open, a seam appeared and revealed a lid. Inside, there was a sacred flute. When Moscath played it, the entire company was transported out of the swamp and back to Vaunoo.

Detractors claimed that Moscath probably planted the earthen chest and the flute in the swamp in the first place, although they could not deny the power of this flute.


Towards the end of his life, Moscath’s holy work was taken up by the Syncretic Ministerial Council and his two closest disciples: Omanda Roughtree, a half-elf priestess; Mayombe, a nidou spiritualist. Mayombe was also a leader among the jujuling immigrants from the New World, and had a natural way with politics. It was widely expected that he would become the next Minister of the newly-formed Syncretic Temple upon Moscath’s passing.

Moscath accurately predicted the date of his own death, and died peacefully in his bed. Later that same day, Omanda Roughtree began to relate prophetic visions much as he had done. When this news spread, everyone clamored for her to be the next Minister. Even the nidou saw this as the will of the loa. Before Roughtree could be installed officially, however, she was assassinated by an unknown hand while in the Temple’s inner sanctum.

The only people who had been in the inner sanctum at the time had been the members of the Ministerial Council, Mayombe, Princess Deriberlusa (then in human guise), and Roughtree herself. At the suggestion of the cleric Klèje, each person there was put to the test. Each person would draw a single Harrow card; the deck would show the murderer clear.

Mayombe drew The Betrayal. Revealed, he stole Moscath’s magic flute and fled into the forest. But he was pursued. Ultimately, he was tracked down to an abandoned temple by the Temple’s protectors. A great battle ensued between Mayombe and the Temple’s greatest warriors, those who held the positions of Nepe and Banza. Banza at last stuck Mayombe in the heart with a blessed arrow. With his last gasp, Mayombe called upon dark powers to pull down the ceiling of the abandoned temple, causing a collapse that the Temple’s warriors barely escaped with their lives.

The actual successor to the position of Minister was the person who was going to be Evèk – a human woman named Luminor Elder.

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