Myth of Princess Peak

The following Myth of Princess Peak has been told and retold in Urbield for uncounted generations.

The Myth

Ages ago, a terrible pit fiend from Hell decided he wanted to carve out an evil kingdom for himself in the mortal world. So he climbed out of Hell, and took a good look around him. “All that I can see,” he said, “is now mine!”

But there wasn’t much to see. He had emerged from Hell in the middle of a large, flat meadow. “This is my kingdom?” He was angry. He wanted more. So he burned the meadow to the ground, and looked around himself again. Soon, his gaze fell upon a mountain. “I shall climb the mountain,” the pit fiend said. “From there I will see much more land, and that will be my new kingdom!”

The devil strode up to the mountain, leaving a trail of fire in his path. People were terrified. They called together all the bravest and mightiest heroes in the land to confront the fiend, which they did, at the base of the mountain. A pitched battle was fought there, from sunup to sundown. But in the end, the devil was triumphant. He laughed hatefully.

With no one left to stop him, the pit fiend strode up the slope of the mountain. He soon reached the summit. Now he gazed around again, and was able to see the whole countryside. “Now, this is a kingdom! I rule everything my eyes can see!” His voice echoed off the hills, and people ran. “:Let any who would challenge me come now, and face me in single combat! If you do not, I shall rule you forevermore!”

The arrogant pit fiend looked down at the slopes. He readied to smite down anyone who might try to climb, but he saw no one. “It is just as I thought! I reign supreme!” But then he looked behind him, and saw a beautiful young woman.

“You fool! You dare challenge me? And with no weapons, nor armor!?” He threw his head back and laughed. The woman just smiled. “Very well, then. I accept your challenge! You may have the first attack!” And he spread his wings, smirking at her. “I can withstand any blow! Strike me, if you dare!” He watched confidently, as the woman walked right up to him, and…

…kissed him.

For the woman was no mortal, but Ielda, goddess of mercy, kindness, and the one thing the pit fiend was not prepared for – love. Her infinite love poured into the fiend, calcifying all the hatred in him in an instant. He turned to stone on the spot.

If you go to Urbield today, you can walk up the mountain to Princess Peak. The hike takes a full day, but it is not hard. At Princess Peak, there is a shrine to sacred Ielda. And next to the shrine, you can see the pit fiend, still standing there, his wings outstretched, and a look of surprise on his face.

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