The continent known as Orient is both to the east and west of its sister landmass, Occident. Orient is home to six major empires: Songae, Pin-Tu, Kampsha, Kamto, Shraa, and Cipok. Songae is loosely allied with Lasant, Cipok with Gard, and Kamto and Pin-Tu with Urst. However, these alliances are meaningful mostly in terms of trade. Not since the time of old Gideon has any Occidental power warred with an Oriental power, although they have provided one another with aid on occasion.

Not much is known about these lands in the Occident beyond their names and these alliances. Different languages are spoken in the Orient; there is even a different Common tongue (Kamese, the native language of Kampsha and Kamto). Even less is known about the history of the Orient; those knowledgeable in history know of an ancient civilization there called Tzudan, which vanished a long time ago.

Orient is the land of samurai, ninja, and “Eastern” weapons/armors. Such weapons and armors might be found in Occident, though they would be rare. Any ninja or samurai found in Occident or the Bocan Islands presumably was trained in the Orient at one point or another.

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