Prestige Classes

This is a page to track changes to prestige classes as they translate into the Meier setting. For new, Meier-specific prestige classes, please see New Prestige Classes.

Most of the changes come in the form of added prerequisites, because I feel that every prestige class should have some kind of roleplaying or background requirement. These prerequisites can be altered by the GM as necessary, because these changes are not intended to make it harder to take prestige classes, but to ensure that they retain their flavor (and for added backstory fun). Therefore, if you are interested in taking levels of a prestige class, please let the GM know so that you have an opportunity to fulfill the additional prerequisites, if any.

Some classes are not permitted on the grounds that they do not fit into this setting. Anyone interested in playing an adaptation of a not-permitted class to the Meier setting should contact me to discuss it.

Names below match those given at the list of prestige classes at the d20pfsrd.

Core Rulebook Prestige Classes

  • Arcane Archer: Must be an elf, half-elf, or be granted high honors by an elvish community.
  • Arcane Trickster: Must have escaped from official custody at least once. Some aspiring arcane tricksters intentionally get arrested for unlawful magic use, so they can prove themselves by escaping.
  • Assassin: No change
  • Dragon Disciple: Must have some proven draconic ancestry or receive a blood transfusion from a dragon.
  • Duelist: Must win a fair duel using a light or one-handed piercing weapon with an opponent who is already a duelist, or who is also attempting to become a duelist.
  • Eldritch Knight: Must own a magic weapon forged and enchanted specifically for the wielder.
  • Loremaster: Must have discovered a notable secret or piece of lore which has been lost for at least 75 years, or has never been known before.
  • Mystic Theurge: Must have spent at least a day in prayer at a school of magic, and have prepared arcane spells (or regained arcane spell slots) at a holy site of the character’s religion, deity, or alignment.
  • Pathfinder Chronicler: No change.
  • Shadowdancer: Must have spent at least 24 continuous hours in total darkness, no more than 8 hours of which may be spent asleep or unconscious.

Other Prestige Classes

  • Agent of the Grave: No change
  • Arcane Savant: Must have spent at least 500 gp crafting magical items.
  • Battle Herald: Must be declared the leader of a group of at least four warriors or adventurers. Battle Heralds do not gain the improved leadership class feature (as the Leadership feat is banned).
  • Bloodmage: Must undergo a dangerous ritual administered by existing bloodmages. At the conclusion of the ritual the character must make a DC 15 Fortitude save; failure means the character takes 2 points of Constitution drain.
  • Brightness Seeker: Class not available.
  • Brother of the Seal: Must have survived being affected by a magical trap at least three times. The Brothers of the Seal are mostly based out of Shraa, where there is a gauntlet of magical traps aspirants must run through.
  • Celestial Knight: Must worship Hiropeh. The Celestial Knights are a military order formed to fight those who would gather an undead army in the name of the Gravetower King.
  • Champion of the Enlightened: No deity requirement. Must be ordained at one of the two Temples of Enlightenment, in Kampsha orGomina.
  • Chevalier: No change
  • Coastal Pirate: Must actively participate in at least one act of illegal piracy.
  • Collegiate Arcanist: Must have graduated from a Lasani school of magic, such as the Academy Argentae in Silverstream, or Calken Academy. This prestige class is associated with Lasant’s schools of theology and arcana. (For a class more associated with Eustace’s Collegiate, see Grand Mage.)
  • Crimson Assassin: Must worship Ilumot, and swear a ritual oath of secrecy. A crimson assassin can summon and turn into poisonous snakes, rather than praying mantises.
  • Cyphermage: Must have spent at least 500 gp scribing scrolls.
  • Daivrat: No change
  • Dark Delver: No change
  • Darkfire Adept: Must have heard the teachings of Fstfrianiz (but need not necessarily worship him).
  • Deep Sea Pirate: Must have spent at least two months living on a ship.
  • Demoniac: No change
  • Diabolist: No change
  • Dissident of Dawn: Class not available.
  • Divine Assessor: Class not available.
  • Divine Scion: At first level, a divine scion receives a new name from her patron deity in a vision or divination, which she must use henceforth. (The player may choose this name.)
  • Envoy of Balance: Must worship Nameless.
  • Evangelist: Class not available.
  • False Priest: A false priest may be of any alignment. The following list of domains replaces those of the domain class feature: Charm, Law, Nobility, Trickery.
  • Field Agent: Class not available.
  • Furious Guardian: Must be from an uncivilized part of Urst.
  • Genie Binder: Must have defeated a genie in any mutually agreed-upon contest.
  • Golden Legionnaire: No change. The Golden Legion is a good-aligned mercenary company based out of Gomina.
  • Grand Marshal: Must be proficient in all simple firearms (which are martial weapons), not just two firearms. Must be personally invested with authority by a judge.
  • Gray Warden: No change. The Grey Wardens are the secret police of Kamto.
  • Green Faith Acolyte: Must go through a ritual using a hallucinogenic drug to find a spirit animal guide.
  • Group Leader: Must have crossed national boundaries without authorization at least once.
  • Guild Agent: Must complete a ritual affirming allegience to the guild. Swearing to Anl├Čn counts for this purpose.
  • Guild Poisoner: No change
  • Halfling Opportunist: Must win a game of chance played against a non-halfling three times in a row. (The character may cheat, as long as she is not detected.)
  • Harrower: No change. Harrow decks are produced by jujuling tribes in the Bocan Islands and in Vaunoo.
  • Hell Knight Commander: No change. The Hell Knights are mostly based out of Arcland, although they are not connected with the Arcish government. The Hell Knights have no claims in the Bocan Islands.
  • Hell Knight Enforcer: No change
  • Holy Vindicator: Must spend a 24-hour period doing nothing but fasting and praying, unless the character has access to the Pleasure domain.
  • Horizon Walker: Must have visited at least eight different terrains (as outlined in the terrain mastery class feature).
  • Inheritor’s Crusader: Class not available.
  • Justiciar: Class not available.
  • Lantern Bearer: All lantern bearers must be sponsored by existing lantern bearers (not just half-elves). Must not have the darkvision, drow-blooded, or drow magic alternate racial traits.
  • Liberator: Must have personally either freed a slave, or killed a known slaver. The Sour Scourge prefers the latter, although many liberators have no affiliation with the Scourge.
  • Lion Blade: Must have spent at least one year in training in Rushtide, (a nation of Gard). Remove “Taldor affinity”.
  • Living Monolith: Class not available.
  • Low Templar: Class not available.
  • Mage of the Third Eye: No change
  • Mammoth Rider: Must have lived for at least two weeks away from civilization, with no companions other than the character’s animal companion. So-called mammoth riders are usually found either in the cold north of Urst, or in the untamed jungles of the Bocan Islands.
  • Master Chymist: No change. Master Chymists have no additional requirements because it is sometimes possible for an alchemist using unknown or contaminated substances to awaken her alter-ego unintentionally.
  • Master of Storms: A master of storms may worship any deity which grants access to the air, water, or weather domains. Must have guided a naval craft through a thunderstorm.
  • Master Spy: Must remove any records of the character’s existence from official rolls, if they exist. Governments who train master spies usually do this as part of the spy’s initiation.
  • Natural Alchemist: Must be a jujuling or have received training from a jujuling shaman.
  • Nature Warden: Must select a specific natural location to protect. A nature warden who does not attempt to protect that location against intruders loses all nature warden class features until the location is once again secure. A new location may be chosen by a special day-long ritual.
  • Noble Scion: Class not available.
  • Pain Taster: No change
  • Pit Fighter: Must be supported by a patron or manager. Such a patron generally demands an example performance combat before taking a new pit fighter on.
  • Planes Walker: Must have traveled to at least one outer plane, and either one inner plane or another outer plane which shares no alignment types with the first outer plane.
  • Purity Legion Enforcer: Class not available.
  • Rage Prophet: Must acquire a spirit guide by taking part in a ritual combat with a wild animal, usually a bear. Rage prophets usually venerate Uar, but not always.
  • Sanctified Prophet: Class not available.
  • Sleepless Detective: Must pass an examination set by the detective agency.
  • Soul Warden: Must perform special ritual in which the aspiring soul warden chugs 2 pints of holy water.
  • Souleater: No change
  • Spherewalker: Class not available.
  • Stalwart Defender: Must win a fair fight wearing lead (or otherwise exceptionally heavy) shoes, against an opponent with no such restriction. Stalwart Defenders are usually found in Kisko.
  • Steel Falcon: Alignment requirement is any chaotic instead of any good. Must be invited into the organization by a cell leader of the Sour Scourge. Steel Falcon is a high rank of the Sour Scourge organization, not the name of a particular group.
  • Student of War: No change
  • Sun Seeker: Must have slain or captured at least three of the character’s favored enemies (the same kind being used to satisfy the class feature requirement).
  • Swordlord: Must fight a fair duel before a crowd, with an opponent who is already a swordlord or attempting to become a swordlord. The duel must be fought before a neutral crowd, which must grow excited during the duel.
  • Tattooed Mystic: No language requirement. Must personally collect the appropriate tattoo ink from a specific kind of squid.
  • Umbral Agent: Class not available.
  • Veiled Illusionist: Class not available.
  • Winter Witch: Must speak Urstish. A character cannot gain levels in winter witch while in tropical latitudes (which includes all of the Bocan Islands), but does continue to benefit from existing levels of winter witch are not lost while in those latitudes.

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