The ratel, also called the honey badger, is an animal very similar to the dire badger. It is much more common, however, and is therefore not generally referred to as a dire animal.

Honey badger

Ratels’ favorite food is honey from bee hives, but they will eat almost anything from fruits and vegetables to larvae to larger creatures like rodents and snakes. Ratels share the immunity of weasels and ferrets to the gaze of a basilisk, and ratels have been known to fight, kill, and eat basilisks as well.

Ratels are sacred to Kyon for their fearlessness and unwillingness to give up in any situation. They are natural enemies of snakes, which parallels the mutual antagonism between Kyon and Ilumot.


A ratel has the statistics of a dire badger, but with Great Fortitude instead of Improved Initiative, and the following special ability:

Thick Skin (Ex)

A ratel gains an additional +2 bonus to its natural armor, and has DR 10/- against swarm attacks.

Summon Nature’s Ally

A ratel is on the list of creatures that may be summoned with summon nature’s ally III. A character with the Summon Good Creature feat can summon a celestial ratel with summon monster III.

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