Rehemut is the Protector and former king of Chester, a kingdom of Gard. The position of Protector is badly-defined and seems to be nothing more than ceremonial. And yet, he has become one of the most important dragons in the Empire. Rehemut’s influence stems does not stem from his legal authority. Nor does it come from physical might or seniority. He is only 203 years old.

Rehemut owes his influence to his roles in the Human’s Revolution and the secession crisis of 471. In the former, he supported the revolutionaries’ right to self-determination and did his best to help their cause. There were a few other brass dragons who did likewise, but only Rehemut could avoid the charge of hypocrisy – he was too young ever to have inherited a position as lord over even a small barony of humanoids, and he joined the humans at the outset rather than switching sides in the middle of the conflict.

At the final negotiations that ended the revolution, Emperor Rommestilanis made the concession that, as long as the ruler of Chester remained a brass dragon, the nobles under him could be humanoids. The revolutionaries accepted, but were not allowed to actually pick their king. The Emperor chose Rehemut in a brilliant political move. It satisfied the revolutionaries completely, but also installed a young brass who looked up to Rommestilanis as mentor on the throne.

King of Chester

Over the next decade and a half, Rehemut started to drift apart from the Emperor. He began to sympathize with the point of view taken by his aristocracy and merchant class, that Chester needed greater independence from Gideon City in order to pursue its own economic agenda.

In 469, Rehemut toured several other realms of the Empire. As he visited each one, he became more and more convinced that his fellow brass dragons could not be trusted with authority over humans. The abuses of power shocked him. While some dragons did their best to care for the humans under their rule, others seemed to have little to no regard for them anymore.

Rehemut’s last stop was Eustace. Eustace has long been Chester’s closest ally against Gideon City’s influence. There, he met with the Archmages to discuss strategy. On New Year’s Day the following year, Rehemut made a speech abdicating the throne in favor of a king of the human nobles’ choosing. The Emperor made a personal appearance to interrupt the speech. After a closed-door meeting between the two dragons, Rehemut walked back his plans, but only temporarily.

During the secession crisis of 471, Rehemut went forward with his stated intention, and abdicated in favor of Alfric Lecorne, the most powerful lord of the realm. As part of negotiations to keep Chester in the Empire, Rommestilanis accepted this, but declared Rehemut “Protector of Chester”. He neglected to specify what this meant. This was probably deliberate. This way, Rehemut will be able to define his own role.

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