Emperor Rommestilanis is the ruler of Gard, and a great wyrm brass dragon. He has ruled the Empire from Gideon City since the signing of the pact in 0 OC, but he has had a wide influence over the area long before that.

Before 451 OC, Rommestilanis (in human guise) was much beloved by his people. But when Rommestilanis revealed his identity with the rest of the brass dragons who had secretly been ruling Gard for four and a half centuries, it triggered a vast revolt, called the Human’s Revolution. The uprising lasted three years before finally subsiding in 454. The result was a power-sharing agreement between brass dragons and humans, approved of by Emperor Rommestilanis himself. This peaceful end to the Human’s Revolution, and the fact that the Emperor did not make an appearance in the fighting, has allowed him to salvage most of his reputation.


The emperor’s influence among the public as a figurehead for Gard outstrips the limited political power he actually has according to the law. Since the end of the revolt, he has thrown himself into public works and support for Gard’s Bocan colonies. He has also encouraged settlement of the newly discovered Freedland, although he is more supportive of Gideon City’s and Chester’s fledgling colonies than he is of Dragonfall, the Eustan project.

Rommestilanis’ greatest priority at the moment is maintaining good relations between the Gardish realms, and trying to hold the Empire together. The realms are constantly at odds over a multitude of topics. The one thing everyone (or nearly everyone) in the Empire agrees upon is Rommestilanis’ leadership, without which the realms might fall to warring with each other, even though they are all (except Eustace) ruled by their own brass dragons.

In Gideon City

Rommestilanis is the head of state of Gideon City as well as of Gard. Gideoners often call him “Emperor Romm,” the name he used to use while in human guise. He is immensely popular in Gideon City, more popular even than the ancient Senate.

His seat of power is the Imperial Palace, which is also his home, but he does not always stay there. He likes to visit his other realms, or other parts of the city. When he is in Gideon City, Rommestilanis makes an aerial tour of the city every day at noon. He says he did this prior to 451 too, but invisibly.

Rommestilanis’ power as Emperor of Gard is quite limited, but as Emperor of Gideon City, he has a great deal of authority. His powers are checked by the Senate, which alone has power to do things like collect taxes, distribute money, and organize the quaestors. Still, Rommestilanis sometimes goes beyond the limits of his power. A few people have complained about this, but most people are very happy with the way Emperor Romm runs things. For example, Rommestilanis recently purchased an additional Seadragon on behalf of Gideon City to protect its developing colonies in Freedland, something he technically had no authority to do. But the move was extremely popular, and the Senate had little choice but to follow through with it.

Moves like these often draw complaints from Senators and those who support Senatorial power. They call them “power grabs” and warn that, with the Human’s Revolution so fresh in peoples’ minds, the Emperor should limit himself. But, at least as pertains to Gideon City, he seems to be ignoring both the accusations and the advice.

Personal Power

Rommestilanis is a great wyrm brass dragon with centuries of leadership experience. He may also be the richest creature of any type in the entire world, with the wealth of Gard and the Bocan Islands flowing directly to him. (King Ispexidronasher of Arcland also claims the “richest being on Meier” title – there is no good way to solve this dispute, as neither dragon is willing to disclose his total net worth to the other.)

During the Human’s Revolution, there were at least two attempts on Rommestilanis’ life. These were both miserable failures. The details are not well-known, because while Rommestilanis is happy to discuss these battles, he is prone to exaggerate.

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