Sacking of Dragonfall

The Sacking of Dragonfall was an event that took place from Unumber 29, 464 OC. Pirates from Gideon City captured and looted the town of Dragonfall in a sneak nighttime raid. The Archmages recaptured less than a month later, but the event led to an immediate souring of relations between Gideon City and Eustace.


On the moonless night of Unumber 29, four pirate ships led by a Gideoner pirate named Brank Tofias pulled into the port of Dragonfall. The ships were spotted by the Eustan frigate Almond anchored off the coast, but since they had Gideon City flags, the Almond lookout ignored them.

Using arrows and daggers, the pirates knocked out the dock officials who greeted them when they arrived in Dragonfall. They made their way in silence to the fortress, knocking out the guards there as well. They then fanned out through the town and moved towards the mayor’s tower. Having made sure in advance that no Archmages would be in town, the pirates took up position around the mayor’s tower, and send a contingent on through the dark city to the portal to North Almond.

At exactly 3:30 AM, Tofias sent up an impressive display of fireworks, the signal to attack in full. Pirate wizards disabled the portal, cutting Dragonfall off from the Old World. At the same time, the group at the mayor’s tower set it on fire, and the pirate ships joined the fortress in firing on the Almond. The remainder of the pirates began tearing down doors, dragging citizens out of their houses, and starting general mayhem.

The battle at sea was won in minutes with the sinking of the Almond. Most of the Eustan crew was captured by the pirates, though some drowned.

The battle on land raged through the night. Most of the inhabitants of Dragonfall were rounded up en masse and held prisoner in the captured fort. The town guard was caught unprepared, and scatterd and fell quickly. People fleeing the burning Mayor’s tower were killed as they attempted to escape. The acting mayor, a Eustan bureaucrat named Gules, died of smoke inhalation.

By morning, only pockets of resistance remained. A few hundred people barricaded themselves inside the White Dragon, which the pirates laid siege to. The pirates attempted to set the inn on fire, but found that the fires kept putting themselves out, never realizing the presence of the actual white dragon inside using his frost breath. Many more civilians fled into the sewers, or out into the surrounding wilderness. Most of the more powerful wizards in town teleported away.

Occupied Dragonfall

Over the next few days, the pirates tore through the city like a storm, taking anything they found of even the slightest value. Once anything that could possibly be considered treasure was collected, many of the pirates left, taking two ships with their holds full of booty.

Most of the pirates remained, including their leader. Brank Tofias sent word to Morgan and Gideon City of what he had done, claiming Dragonfall for his own. He was convinced that the Eustan colonists had a great magical treasure vault nearby. More importantly, he believed that a lost city of gold existed somewhere in the wilderness nearby.

The pirates eventually allowed the captured citizens of Dragonfall to return to such homes as they had. But the pirates imposed a strict curfew, forbade people from going leaving their homes except to conduct essential business, and blockaded the port, preventing anyone from leaving town – all on pain of death. However, the pirates welcomed any citizens who wanted to join them into their ranks, encouraging them to turn on their fellow Eustans. But most of the wealthy or magically-inclined citizens remained imprisoned, and were subjected to painful interrogations on the subject of the city of gold and the treasure vault.

During this time, the Dragonfall citizens who escaped captivity, including the people who had barricaded themselves in the White Dragon, ran to the mountains. They congregated in a camp on Mount Elric, watched over by the Duchess Rangers. The Rangers also helped many more citizens to escape Dragonfall over the coming weeks.


On Duober 21, Brank Tofias became convinced that the city of gold he was seeking was Atolhua, the reptite city on the other side of the mountains. Taking a large force of pirates, Tofias set off over Mount Elric.

On Duober 22, a force of roughly 200 wizards and soldiers from Eustace appeared in the center of town an hour after sundown. Most of the pirates who remained in town were drunk at that time, since their leader had gone. The battle was short. At the same time, Tofias’ pirates were ambushed by a force from the Duchess Rangers, augmented by the escaped citizens of Dragonfall. Tofias and his pirates were captured, and marched back to Dragonfall where the Eustans were waiting. Dragonfall was back in Eustan hands.


The portal to North Almond was reopened that same day. Wizards from North Almond set about assessing and repairing the damage to Dragonfall and the Mayor’s tower. A public, joint, military trial was held for Brank Tofias and his pirates in the central square of town. The citizens who had joined with the pirates were tried alongside those who had sailed with Tofias in the initial raid. The trial lasted less than a day, and all the pirates were executed by hanging the following day at noon. Brank Tofias was executed separately by public disintegration.

The entire affair caused a great deal of ill will between Eustace and Gideon City. Brank Tofias had been a celebrated privateer with a great number of friends in Gideon City, who were outraged at the perfunctory trial he and his men were given before their summary execution. Eustans, meanwhile, were furious at the Emperor for failing to condemn the actions of the pirates until after Dragonfall was retaken. The dragons had offered to go to Dragonfall to investigate the situation and impose a settlement, but the wizards had refused to allow it.

In the years since, Dragonfall has recovered, although its citizens remain exceptionally wary, and immigration from the Old World has slowed.

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