Name Saralek
Titles Bitter Empress, She Who Must Be Obeyed, Harsh Goddess
Alignment Lawful Evil
Portfolio Tyranny, slavery, racism, nationalism
Worshipers Bureaucrats, slavers, tyrants, sadists, racists
Depiction Beautiful queen with devil horns and tail
Holy Symbol An eagle perched on a banner
Domains Evil, Human*, Law, Nobility, Protection
Subdomains Ambition*, Aristocracy, Defense, Devil, Slavery, Tyranny
Favored Animal Eagle
Favored Weapon Halberd

Unholy Symbol of Saralek


It is the right of the powerful to rule over the weak who depend upon them for protection. It is the place of the common folk to give total allegiance to their nation and their race, no matter what. Social constructs, like law and slavery, are of supreme importance; they are what elevates humans above animals and lesser folk.


It’s said that Saralek is one of the older goddesses. According to one well-known story, Saralek was responsible for the splintering of humanity into several races, making her the creator of the elves, orcs, dwarves, and halflings, all of whom she intended to be subservient to the master human race. Needless to say, only humans tell this story.

A famous myth relates how Saralek invented the institution of slavery. A certain city spent years warring against a tribe of barbarians from outside. Many of the city’s soldiers had died in a plague, and the city-dwellers knew that the next time the barbarians attacked, they would put every last one of them to the sword. So the city sent a messenger to Saralek, swearing to her that if she protected them during the horde’s next attack, she could have her pick of anything she wanted from the entire city. Saralek agreed to this. The city’s soldiers soon found that their skin could withstand almost all attacks, and when next the barbarians came, the city wiped them out. Then Saralek appeared, and declared that she had decided to take her reward: The thing she wanted most in the city was its people. And then they found that they had become devils, enslaved to Saralek’s will for all time. The city itself is known as Dis, and can still be found one of the layers of Hell.

An oft-repeated adage among those in power is that Saralek’s greatest power is the ability to impersonate Hiropeh.


Until recently, the only open worshipers of Saralek could be found in Arcland. However, in recent years, a new religion revering Saralek, Hiropeh, and Lotheria has been spreading throughout Lasant. Her new worshipers explain that, despite her dark nature, Saralek is a critical part of the triune; without her, there could be no law, no punishment of the guilty, no ambition. Just as evil is an inextricable part of human nature, so is Saralek part of the triune.

Since Urst largely allows religious freedom, Saralek worship is legal almost everywhere in Occident, with Gard being the exception. Indeed, since Saralek is so associated with Arcland in Gardish minds, serving Saralek is seen as a kind of treason.

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