Name Seena
Titles God of Strength
Alignment ?
Portfolio Strength, Civilization, Sacrifice, Power
Worshipers most Reptites
Depiction Varies, but always has wings plus two legs and four arms
Holy Symbol Sun with lightning bolts coming off of it
Domains ?
Subdomains ?
Favored Weapon All (see special)


Worshipers of Seena who gain proficiency in their god’s favored weapon may choose any martial weapon to gain proficiency in. Once chosen, this choice cannot be altered.


Seena is sometimes depicted as male, and sometimes as female. Seena exists in complete opposition to Ahava, and they have been fighting forever. It was foretold that in the end of days, Seena and Ahava would contend for complete control of the world, and Seena’s followers of course believe that the god of strength will come out on top.


Almost all Reptites worship Seena, who they call the god of strength. They pray to Seena for everything from success in business to victory in war, from healing for themselves to death for their enemies.

Seena apparently demands sacrifice on a regular basis. Usually, sacrifices are meant to be offerings of blood or animals, but on special holy days, intelligent creatures are sacrificed, usually in large groups.

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