Name Sidarch
Titles Peacebuilder, Lord of Light, Kingslord
Alignment Lawful Good
Portfolio Civilization, friendship, commitments, alliances
Worshipers Kings, diplomats, leaders, knights, paladins
Depiction A kindly king
Holy Symbol Pair of shaking hands
Domains Community, Good, Law, Nobility, Sun
Subdomains Archon, Day, Friendship, Home, Leadership, Martyr
Favored Animal Lion
Favored Weapon Greatsword

Holy Symbol of Sidarch


A peaceful, stable society is the ultimate good and must be defended. Agreements and contracts must always be honestly entered into, fairly drawn up, and faithfully executed. Sidarch blesses those who are true and faithful to their friends.


Sidarch is sometimes depicted as the king of the gods in art and mythology. But this is not an official view outside the Oriental empire of Kampsha. Besides the fact that other deities, such as Beuben, Saralek, and Vym are also portrayed as royalty, there are gods like Avatrunei, whose faithful would consider heretical the idea of any other god having authority over him, and Lotheria, who isn’t terribly hot on the idea of kings anyway.


If Sidarch is not the king of the gods, he is certainly the god of kings. Rulers, nobles, people in positions of authority, all make offerings or say prayers to Sidarch, even if they are unable to live up to his lofty ideals. As a god of such concepts as friendship, honesty, and community, his faithful are found worldwide.

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