The Golden Instruments of Amatti

The Golden Instruments of Amatti are four: the horn, the bell, the fiddle, and the lute. They seem to be made out of solid gold. Each of them has a fantastic, perfect musical quality to it.


The Golden Instruments were created by the priest-mages of ancient Idiya. The first instruments were created for ritual purposes only. But as the struggle between humans and dragons escalated into all-out war, the instruments began to take on military use.

In an epic battle near the end of the war, the four instruments were played by the four greatest bards of the age: Agathae, Ma’arav, T’bor, and Tiauld. Each had one instrument. The four were led in song and battle by a holy singer named Rhyddid. An enormous army of humans joined them in combat against an equally large force of dragons, led by a horrifying Beast. The true nature of this Beast is lost to the ages.

The battle dragged on from sunrise to sunset. When the sun set, the dragons were in full retreat, and the Beast was no more. Sadly, Rhyddid had also fallen.

The war against the dragons was not yet over, but from that day on, the humans began to push back and eventually defeat the dragons. The Golden Instruments continued to aid the human cause. Ocdovios, Rhyddid’s young apprentice, now sang for the band of Agathae, Ma’arav, T’bor, and Tiauld. In a later age, the name “Ocdovios” would be recorded by histories as “Octavian”.

The Hiding of the Instruments

Finally, the war ended. Since humanity no longer needed the Golden Instruments, the band decided to hide them safely away. For the priests warned that, should their power be abused, the Beast might return.

Octavian consulted with each of Agathae, Ma’arav, T’bor, and Tiauld, helping them hide their instruments away. Did the four players realize they were giving the young singer all the secrets to their musical power? No one knows. Octavian outlived them all. He took the instruments, and hid them away far on the other side of the world, where no one would ever find them.


If the two Golden Instruments are played together, their players can produce an effect duplicating any bard, sorcerer, or wizard spell of 4th level or lower, or any other spell of 3rd level or lower. This effect requires a standard action from both of the people playing those instruments, and they must agree on which effect is to take place. If three instruments are played together, they can instead produce an effect equivalent to limited wish. If all four instruments are played together, they can produce an effect equivalent to wish, and possibly more. In any case, the Lute can be used together with other Golden Instruments no more than once per day.

With the correct vocal melody, incredibly powerful effects beyond even the limitations of wish might be produced, but this would require someone who knew the original music from the days of old, which is nowhere recorded.

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