Name Uar
Titles Lady Ragebear, Mama Bear, Beastmaiden, Heart of Fury
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Portfolio Wild beasts, instinct, anger, raw emotion, savagery
Worshipers Barbarians, primitives, orcs
Depiction A half-bear, half-woman, usually angry
Holy Symbol A she-bear with a claw raised in attack
Domains Animal, Chaos, Destruction, Emotion*, Strength
Subdomains Ferocity, Fur, Joy*, Protean, Rage, Sorrow*
Favored Animal Bear
Favored Weapon Earthbreaker

Holy Symbol of Uar


Never repress your emotions, but let them flow out freely and act upon them. If someone wrongs you, express your fury however you can. Emulate the instinctive emotion of wild beasts in your everyday life.


There is a sizable cult of Uar, based mostly in Urst. Uarite berzerkers, mostly females, are among the most feared group of barbarians in the world, said to channel the fury of the Mama Bear herself. Another sect of Uar worshipers, the Ursines, find an outlet in mercenary work. Ursines are ferocious warriors, but unlike common sellswords, they would turn down safe, well-paid work in favor of a lower-paid job if it offered a better chance at getting to fight something.


The spell aspect of the bear is available as a 2nd level cleric/oracle spell to worshipers of Uar only.

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