Name Ziz
Titles Mighty Overbird, King of the Birds, Behemoth of the Sky
Alignment Neutral Evil
Portfolio Birds, Torture, Senseless Violence
Worshipers Goblins, Ogres, Psychopaths
Depiction Impossibly large bird
Holy Symbol Four-clawed talon
Domains Air (Cloud), Animal (Feather), Evil, Strength (Ferocity)
Favored Animal Roc
Favored Weapon Double Chicken Saber


Make sacrifices to Ziz, the Mighty Overbird, and he will grant you strength. Use that strength to hurt people in the most painful way possible, and then sacrifice them to Ziz for more strength! Don’t forget to show your dominance over others, preferably through violence.


The depiction of Ziz is always the same: A bird so large that if he were standing with his talons on the ocean floor, his head would be up in the clouds. All of the birds are his servants, and he is constantly hungry. He appears in a few myths, but usually as the antagonist. There’s a heroic hymn describing Kyon’s defeat of Ziz in personal combat that lasted for 60 days and 60 nights, for example, and another tale where Sidarch has to get Ielda and some other divinities to help him stop Ziz and his avian army from destroying the world.

Ziz is shunned by all the other gods. He is not imprisoned, but he is exiled. Presumably, he would encounter instant resistance if he tried to return to Meier. Ziz is commonly said to be roosting on Carmack.


Most places do not even bother banning Ziz worship specifically, because his cult is so small. People with violent tendencies more commonly gravitate towards Wynang or Uar. The only ones who worship Ziz in any large numbers are goblins, who can best understand his simple theology.

It is a curious note that Ziz is the only god who specifically demands sacrifice from his worshipers. Sacrifice appears in plenty of other rituals, but Ziz is the only one who insists upon it as a matter of course. The reason behind this is unknown.

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