Welcome to the world of Meier, a planet where dragons rule the land, and pirates rule the sea!

Fall 2015 Campaign Intro

For a thousand years or more, an entire continent was locked away in another dimension. Twenty years ago, a group of adventurers went seeking a fountain of youth, and instead found this lost continent and restored it to its rightful place in Meier. When the continent re-appeared, the adventurers founded a new settlement upon its northern shore. The continent, they named Freedland. And the site for their new village, they called Dragonfall.

Today, Dragonfall is a thriving town. A portal to the wizarding city of North Almond, still tands, a reminder of the colony’s early days, but Dragonfall doesn’t need Eustace to make it through the winter any more. Its population has swelled to nearly 9,000 residents, with more working the cocoa farms and fisheries along the coast to the east. The forested wilderness to the west is still the province only of rangers and trailblazers, although a rich lord from Chester, Edred Pendicott, technically owns the place. And to the south, beyond Mount Elric, lies a city-kingdom ruled by savage reptites.

In Dragonfall’s Frostbreath district is an inn called the White Dragon. It’s named for its proprietor, Aptchi. To make his inn stand out from all the competition, Aptchi has decided to hire a house band. And in order to make sure his inn stands secure in this frontier town, he needs musicians who can do a lot more than just play…

It’s time for you to take the stage. As musician-adventurers, you’ll start immediately in Aptchi’s employment. But on a day like any other, someone unusual wanders into the White Dragon, and danger follows at her back!

A campaign of exploration, treasure-hunting, and musical adventure awaits you!


In this wiki, you will find a lot of information about the world of Meier and its inhabitants. Please feel free to browse it at your leisure, but know that the backstory is not required reading.

The following pages deal with rules and character options, and you may want to read through them as you make your character. You should also read through our house rules at least once, as they have changed since the previous campaign.

For more on the Pathfinder game in general, see the free Pathfinder System Resource Document.

If you are interested in using this setting for your own fiction or campaign, you are welcome to do so, and I would love to hear from you about it!


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