Welcome to the world of Meier, a planet where dragons rule the land, and pirates rule the sea!

Coming Soon

  • Gard expanded – The 12 Gardish nations that dominate the Empire!
  • Cosmology – New planar locations, like the Divine Realms and six new planes: Cydonia, Dyzn, Lyceros, Arallfyd, Tun, and Sheol!
  • Foreign Lands – Full pages for the six great empires of Orient: Songae, Pin-Tu, Kampsha, Kamto, Shraa, and Cipok!

Current Campaign Intro

It is an age of exploration. The discovery of a New World, the tropical Bocan Islands, has sparked new ventures of exploration, colonization, discovery, conquest… and crime. In the century and a half since the islands have been discovered, many cities, plantations, and other settlements have sprung up there thanks to the three great colonial powers: Arcland, Gard, and Lasant, each ruled by a different type of dragon.

And now, a brand new discovery has sparked a whole new wave of settlement and exploration. The lost continent of Freedland, to the south of even the Bocans, promises vast new riches and unspoiled lands, hardly any of which has been charted.

While wooden ships sail from the Old World to colonize Freedland, the wizard-ruled principality of Eustace has outraced them all. In less than three years, they have built the frontier town of Dragonfall. A permanent magical gateway connects Eustace in the Old World to Dragonfall in the New.

Adventurers and explorers have taken advantage of this portal and come to the frontier of this lost continent. And yet, the vast majority of Freedland remains unexplored. What secrets lay in the continent’s interior? Are there any native Freedlandic peoples, and will they be friend or foe to the new settlement? Is it true that this lost continent is the home of the mysterious Loa? And what plans do the enigmatic Archmages of Eustace have for Dragonfall’s future?

Campaign Hook

This year, by coincidence, two holidays – Gerog’s Day and the Feast of Sharing – fall on the same date in Dragonfall. Celebrations are planned across the town. But the day before this happy event, the young mayor of Dragonfall discovers that a demon has slipped through the portal and is now on the loose. He needs the help of skilled adventurers to track the monster down before it can wreak havoc tomorrow. He promises a great reward for success. Are you up for a spot of demon-hunting?

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