Welcome to the world of Meier, a planet where dragons rule the land, and pirates rule the sea!

Spring 2015 Campaign Intro!

Gard is on the brink of civil war. The Archmages of Eustace refuse to submit to the authority of the dragon Emperor any longer. At their call, several realms have raised flags of rebellion, seeking independence from Gard once and for all. An emergency summit has been called in Gideon City in a last-ditch attempt by the Emperor to avoid war, but all indications are that conflict is about to grip Gard once again.

Amidst the clanging of newly-forged swords and the stomping of boots on the training ground, the sound of a distant scream may go unheard.

The small town of Nursetrail is at the edge of the Gideon City suburbs, close to the border of Pecsmuth. It is not near the main road, nor does it occupy any kind of strategic position. And it has been completely destroyed. Passing travelers reported seeing a burned-out shell of a town where once stood a community of 1,000. Everyone says the fire is a tragedy, but all the talk of the town is about the peace summit happening now, and the war that looms if it should fail. The men Quaestors sent to investigate have not returned, but no one is talking about that.

Perhaps you know the town, or someone who lived there. Perhaps a Gideon City notable has asked you to follow up the fire. Perhaps one of your allies has recruited you to investigate this mysterious act of destruction. Whatever the reason, you are going to what’s left of Nursetrail, to see the truth for yourself. What you find there will set you on a adventure across Gard, tracking down an evil that threatens the entire empire.

One thing is for sure: Wherever you go on your quest, danger will be waiting. You will encounter strange magics from the dawn of time. You will contend with the strange machinations of divinities good and evil. And you will fight foes beyond the ken of all but the most legendary heroes. The fate of the world hangs in the balance. Good luck.

The Aftermath of Gideon City

The Snake of Sevens is dead, as are Theophrastus, Coudray, and Surzul. Furthermore, the Fifth Scroll of Avatrunei is returned after having been lost for about a millenium, and the Staff of Malun-Ro is no more. Emperor Rommestilanis has declared a city-wide celebration, and the tale of the heroes’ deeds has spread throughout the empire.

But the jubilation is short-lived. Possessing damning evidence that the Archmages provided TEMPT with the means to fulfill its wicked scheme, the Emperor decides that it is time for the dragons to exert greater control over the Archmages’ realm of Eustace. He appoints his great-grandson to be Prince of Eustace, and demands that the Archmages acknowledge their new dragon overlord. Instead, they drive the dragon out and declare rebellion against the Emperor. The human aristocrats of Chester joined the rebellion, eager to free themselves from the dragons’ influence. Most of Pecsmuth is ready to join as well.

The conflict is limited at first to a few skirmishes. Neither side wishes to repeat the bloodshed of the Human’s Revolution. But as both sides build up their armies and woo the remaining realms, open warfare seems more and more likely.


In this wiki, you will find a lot of information about the world of Meier and its inhabitants. Please feel free to browse it at your leisure, but know that the backstory is not required reading.

The following pages deal with rules and character options, and you may want to read through them as you make your character. You should also read through our house rules at least once, as they have changed since the previous campaign.

For more on the Pathfinder game in general, see the free Pathfinder System Resource Document.

If you are interested in using this setting for your own fiction or campaign, you are welcome to do so, and I would love to hear from you about it!


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