Cyan the Younger



Archmage Cyan, also commonly called Cyan the Younger, is a former member of the Archmages. He joined the ruling council in 457, at the age of 26 (although he is known to affect great age on occasion). Those unfamiliar with Eustan culture are sometimes surprised that an Archmage could be so young, until they realize that his 64-year term of office means that he was expected to hold his position until the age of 89.

A diviner, Cyan the Younger was the protege of the previous Archmage to hold his office, the man now commonly referred to as Cyan the Elder. Cyan the Elder retired his post well in advance of the end of his term, leaving a woman called Cornflower to fill the rest of his term, and moved to a lighthouse on the island of Campierno. After serving as a community leader for a few years, he supposedly died suddenly in 449. The lighthouse is now the personal property of the mayor of Morgan, who has sealed it from the general public.

Cyan the Younger, when he was made Archmage, was granted the mayorship of Dragonfall. He was also given the secret mission to establish an alliance with a major nearby power, or recover a powerful artifact. Either outcome, done without observation by the dragons, would ensure Dragonfall’s survival, even without draconic interference.

The unexpected interference by two competing loa made this plan impossible. Cyan the Younger was unable to manage the town, protect it from the otherworldly spirits, and complete his secret mission at the same time. When Dragonfall fell under attack by Reptites, Cyan fled. The Archmages appointed Lazulum his permanent replacement on the council.

Cyan the Younger has not been seen since he fled the Battle of Dragonfall. Even the Archmages have been unable to discern his location.

Cyan the Younger

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