Intelligent +1 cold iron short sword

weapon (melee)

+1 cold iron short sword
Ego: 9
INT: 12
WIS: 10
CHA: 14
Empathy, 30 ft. senses
Sheds light as a torch (can resume or suppress this at will)
3/day — anticipate peril, vanish
1/day — archon’s aura (DC 15), magic circle against evil
Special: Ironfang casts anticipate peril as a free action the first 3 times per day that initiative is rolled, granting its wielder a +3 bonus to initiative.
Special: Ironfang counts as good-aligned for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction.


Visually, the only thing to distinguish Ironfang from any other cold iron short sword is the blacksmith’s mark etched in iron at the base of the blade, which looks like a monocled tiger. However, upon picking up the weapon, one is conscious of a sense of fear and curiosity.

There is no telling how old Ironfang is, although it’s clearly in good repair. It seems to have a terrible fear of monsters, and gets upset at the idea of its owner fighting, or even arguing, with her friends.


Meier aaronak