Your allies are not powerful enough to stand side-by-side with you at this point, but they can dart into combat to help out. Calling upon an ally does not take an action, and you may do it even when unconscious or otherwise unable to act, but you can only do it during your turn unless otherwise specified.

You can only call on one ally per encounter, and you can only call on any individual ally once per day. Most allies have an immediate effect and then must leave the field, although some grant bonuses that last until the end of an encounter. You cannot call another player’s ally.

Aryna shares enlightened monkish wisdom of dwarven resilience. This grants the whole party a +4 bonus on all saving throws for the rest of the encounter.
Ulga smashes a foe, charging in riding a unicorn and making a single axe attack. The attack deals 1d12+35 damage plus 3d6 bonus charging damage, and is automatically a critical threat; roll at Zari’s melee attack bonus to confirm the crit for triple damage (do not triple the bonus charging damage).
Lyndria grants Zari the ability to smite evil for one minute. Zari must use a swift action to select a target to smite. Zari adds her Charisma bonus to attack rolls and +12 to her damage rolls against the target for the next 1 minute.
Nina channels Saoirse’s power through Zari’s blade. Once per round for the next 5 rounds, when Zari hits a target with her falchion, she deals an additional 10d6 electricity damage or 10d4 acid damage.

Miles channels positive energy, healing the party for 10d6 hp. Miles can channel once per round for 5 rounds.
Anelf shares some of Nameless’ insight into things without normal minds. For the next minute, Maloyan’s spells and hexes (but not magic wands or items) ignore immunity to mind-affecting effects, and his spells have a +5 bonus to overcome spell resistance.
Tan casts empowered intensified maximized selective fireball. It deals 7d6+84 acid, cold, electricity, or fire damage in a 20 foot burst. The Reflex DC to halve the damage is equal to Maloyan’s hex save DC. Tan gets a 40 on his caster level check to overcome any spell resistance.
Tone studies a creature, place, or object, and divulges one piece of immediately useful information that may have been overlooked. Tone’s inspiration also grants Maloyan a +1d6 bonus on all Knowledge, Linguistics, and Spellcraft checks for the next minute.

Makary summons a giant advanced tyrannosaurus as per summon nature’s ally IX. There must actually be room for a colossal creature to appear.
Chance inflicts the frightened condition on an opponent for one found. If the opponent is immune to fear, they are instead shaken for one round despite the immunity.
Qaariko makes three gun attacks. Each attack deals 1d12+5 damage, and is automatically a crit threat; roll at Lazulum’s ranged attack bonus+2 to confirm the crit for quadruple damage. The attacks ignore all cover and target touch AC.
Chaz boldly menaces a target. The next time that target attacks or casts a spell, Chaz automatically hits it as a readied action for 12d6 damage. If the target made a melee attack, and the attack roll was less than Chaz’s damage, the attack is parried and Chaz ripostes for another 12d6 damage.
Lily casts mass heal, restoration, greater restoration, or resurrection at CL 17th. If the spell has an expensive material component, you must reimburse Lily for the cost.
Gozo uses a disappearing act performance. Pick two allies: enemies within a 30 foot burst treat those allies as invisible until they take an offensive action, or until an enemy uses a standard action to swat the annoying gnome away (this does not actually hurt Gozo).

Ripkarn makes four temple sword attacks against a single target (or multiple targets within reach of a full attack). Each attack deals 1d8+13 damage, and is automatically a crit threat; roll at J.W.‘s melee attack bonus to confirm the crit for double damage.
Zarbid throws a forbidden megabomb that deals 30d6 damage in a 10 foot radius burst. Half the damage is fire, and the other half is force. The Reflex DC to halve the damage is equal to the DC of J.W.’s breath weapon. The bomb does not exclude friendly targets within its range, but always goes off where Zarbid throws it.
Lukto grapples a target, automatically giving it the grappled condition for 1 round.
Banza studies an opponent and shares his insight with J.W., granting J.W. a +4 bonus on Bluff, Knowledge, Perception, Sense Motive, and Survival checks against that opponent, and a +4 bonus on weapon attack and damage rolls. This lasts until the end of the encounter.

Gazebo makes three bow attacks, of which the first is a Manyshot attack with two arrows. Each arrow deals 2d6+5 damage, and is automatically a crit threat; roll each attack at Darren’s ranged attack bonus to confirm the crit for triple damage. The attacks ignore all cover and concealment.
Two appears out of nowhere to deal 24d6 damage to a target with a dual-wielded sneak attack. The next ally who hits that target with a melee attack within 1 round automatically confirms a critical hit.
Sonic Damage pours all his bardic power into a single epic thundercall, dealing 18d8 sonic damage in a 10 foot spread. Creatures within that area must make a Fortitude save at DC 28 or be stunned for 1 round.


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