Bluebulbs are a type of plant life found only in Freedland.

An individual bluebulb plant looks like a vine, along which a few bulbous flowers grow. These flowers are a vivid blue, and give off a slight radiance visible in dim light or darkness. These vines typically are two to five feet long, with one bulb growing per ten inches or so.


When an intelligent creature touches one of the flowers that give the plant its name, the plant draws mental energy from that creature, using the energy as nourishment. The flowers pulse a bright white when this happens, though only for a second or two.

To touch a single bluebulb plant is harmless, as the amount of mental energy it draws is negligible. However, many bluebulbs are often found growing in large tangles of vines, and when a creature touches a flower that is part of such a tangle, the amount of energy drawn is correspondingly larger. The effect of touching a patch of bluebulbs is not unpleasant, even mildly euphoric, but it can leave the victim’s mind weakened. Continual exposure to bluebulbs can drain so much mental energy that the victim becomes unconscious, and unable to escape the bluebulb patch.


It is hypothesized that bluebulb patches spread as they draw more mental energy from their victims. Observing the way that the energy drawn by a single flower is spread among flowers even in other, nearby vines, some botanists believe that large groups of bluebulbs begin to function together, becoming almost intelligent as they steal intelligence from others. A large enough patch of bluebulbs could even achieve true intelligence, becoming single large and dangerous specimen.


Meier aaronak