Clairvoyance Society

The Clairvoyance Society is a fairly new organization founded by ex-Archmage Cyan the Younger. The society’s goal, braodly stated, is to explore the deepest mysteries of magic, the gods, and Meier itself.


Cyan the Younger is the founder and leader of the Clairvoyance Society, Although the Society is less than 10 years old, it has hundreds of members and growing. Most of the Society’s membership is in Dragonfall or Gard, but it is not limited to those areas.

The Society is founded around the principles that knowledge should be free to all, and should not be used for political ends by any entity. However, the organization itself is very secretive. The point behind this is to prevent anyone from interfering with the Society’s mission to discover truths that some would prefer to keep buried. Additionally, the Society’s leaders do not question where newly discovered information comes from, so long as it is reliable – in other words, stealing or otherwise illegally obtaining information is quite accepted. Some members of the Society strongly disapprove of this, and are trying to change Cyan’s mind on the policy.

The headquarters of the Clairvoyance Society is located on a private demiplane, inaccessible to anyone except Cyan and those whom he chooses to allow entry. It is there the fruits of the Society’s research are kept, until it is time to reveal them to the public.

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