Dragon Wars: The Last Hope, Tiamat Strikes Back, and Return of the PCs

She is returning.

Tiamat, a beast whose name is shrouded in myths and legends, has glimpsed a chance at escape. After The Golden Instruments of Amatti cracked open her eternal prison, the progenitor of all evil dragons is searching, scheming, plotting her return to Meier.

The divinations are all in agreement. The prophecies are clear. Millenia ago, the human civilization of Idiya dedicated itself to defeating Tiamat using magics now lost. If she returns again… it could spell the end of the world as we know it.

This message goes out to the heroes. We need your help. The Emperor refuses to believe in the threat Tiamat poses, claiming he and his army can defend Gard. But he is also getting old. And like most of the most ancient dragons, he considers the myth of “the creator of chromatic dragons” to be a myth. Now it’s up to us.

Join us at my palace in Fachester. Together, we are working on a plan to stop Tiamat from breaking free. It may take you across the world, or even across the planes, but I know we can stop her. If we don’t… everything you’ve worked for may all burn.

Yours in fellowship,

Rehemut, Protector of Chester
478 OC (Spring 2016)

Chapter One
Dragons Down Under: Diving into the Depths of South Dnomla (Lawrence)
Gikz the goblin’s bad, bad day (or his first and last day as an adventurer) (Amelinda)

In which Rehemut gathers the best and brightest to face the threat of Tiamat. Heroes from across Meier come together to try and stop the end of the world. Young and old, adventurers who gained fame across Meier over the last 30 years are hard at work. The most experienced adventurers form an elite strike team:
Maloyan the witchy wayang – seeking balance in the shadows
J.W. Stillwater – the draconic paladin o’ Exene called to protect all those who cannot protect themselves
Lazulum the Arch-Diviner of Eustace – wizard of wondrous knowledge
Darren “Half-Mad” Gunderson – notorious (former?) Grand Marshal of Gideon City
Zari Fri’aria – songstress, skald, and meddling meta-reptite

Chapter Two
Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: Gold’s Ghost Needs Bustin’, Who You Gonna Call? (Lawrence)
The Universal Solve-n’t for a Sticky Situation: Sovereign Glue! (Maloyan)
The Forging of Grandleon: A Tale of Two Tails with Extra Gilt (Amelinda)

Following whispers and visions, our party travels to Freedland and a mysterious tomb. Outwitting traps and trickery, they discover none other than the golden dragon’s ghost, Gideon himself. Armed with more knowledge and greater portents of doom, the party departs with Grandleon, a new weapon empowered with the tomb’s guardian spirits.

Chapter Three
First World Problems: Rage Against the Machine (Lawrence)
Breadcrumbs and Broomsticks, Doomsday-Machines and Dudes-who-don’t-stay-dead (Amelinda)

The party follows the trail of missing friends along an ominous river, straight into another plane where Tiamat’s lackeys are building a machine to rip the fabric of reality and release her. Barely in time, the machine is destroyed. However, everyone knows time is growing short, and this was not her only plan.

Chapter Four
No More Gnome Home, Now the Chrome Dragon Roams (Lawrence)
Basement Bargains on the End of the World (Amelinda)

Tracking rumors of red dragons and missing refugees, the party arrives at a very pink estate only to find Hidden Horde agents and Tiamat worshippers. In a fraught battle below the estate, a rift is opened, and She is free.

Chapter Five
Dragonfall Portal – Now With 1500% MORE Dragonfall! (Mark)
Our Codextraplanar and Daemonstrably Problemechtic Escape Dragone Wrong (This Deal Just Keeps Getting Worse All the Time!) (Lawrence)
Draconicide, Part 1 (Will)
Chromatic Scales: A Collection of Warm-up Exercises (Amelinda)

Tiamat is calling all chromatic dragons to her. The free members of Meier collaborate to mitigate the damage. Facing throngs of chromatic dragons, our party manages to stymy her plans and collect important artifacts.

Chapter Six
Marshall Python’s Flying Blunder-bus vs. The Will-o’-the-Isp (Lawrence)
We got the blues, the collapsing government and dead wannabe-god blues (Amelinda)

Still scrambling, the party stays half-a-step in the way of Tiamat’s plans. In a daring battle, they defeat the dragon god-king of Arcland. However, things don’t look good for the rest of Meier, and retreat into demi-planes may be the only protection.

Chapter Seven
Hidden Hoard Hideout Had Trapbot, Charlies, ‘n’ Chisel (Lawrence)
Hoard of Horrors Unleashes Beuben’s Revenge: At least it wasn’t our fault this time… (Amelinda)

Returning to Gideon City, the party learns (through the Emperor and Zari’s underground contacts) that a cell of the Hidden Hoard has the Chisel of the Walking City and is planning to use it to aid Tiamat. Additionally, they have appropriated the legendary Black Horizon sapphire that could (maybe) be used to trap the soul of a deity. After facing a horrifying construct (Terminatron 500) designed by Theophrastus, the party manages to succeed, only to find out that Beuben is more angry than usual and armies of undead are besieging all of Meier.

Chapter Eight
From Bad to Worse and Back Again: A PC’s Tale (Amelinda)
Under the [Sky] Sea: The Undyin’ King (Lawrence)

The party faces an undead army that is attacking Gideon City. Beuben and Mayacidow are working together, leaving Meier between a rock and a hard place. The horrors include a Nightwave Nightshade, a Charnal Collussus, bands of Greater Shades, Warsworn, and shadow ghost ships… Through it all, the party manages to persist and vanquish their foes, although Darren becomes a Greater Shade and J.W. is sent to a maze in the maw of the Nightwave, and ends up in the River Styx. The first wave has broken, but the storm looms on the horizon…

Chapter Nine
99 floors but Beuben’s ain’t one of them or 99 problems but Beuben ain’t one of them (Amelinda)
One Way or Another (Lawrence)
Babe, You Been Busy with Beuben (and Had a Merry Old Time with Me’remot) (Lawrence)
Staring Death in the Face (Will)

When you cannot beat a god’s armies, you go to talk to the god… The party is sucked into Beuben’s realm for sticking their noses into divine problems. Trying to escape reveals a never-ending forest fire, forcing our heroes to scale Beuben’s tower – the only way out of the Death god’s plane. Using some charm and Molepia’s pooka tricks, the party ascends the tower, defeats the undead general, and manage to mostly convince Beuben that they can handle Tiamat.

Chapter Ten
Attack in the Stacks: Soul Binding the Book Crook in the Home of Tomes (Lawrence)
You Win or You Die When You Play the Game of Tomes (Lawrence)
Cyan-ora! (Will)
Library Books Overdue: Cyan Checks Out Forever (Amelinda)

Turning to Exene in their search for the Scroll of Fate, the party has some fun in the stacks before stumbling on Azharul. After a fraught battle, Azharul is defeated and his soul is banished into Black Horizon. As any good egomaniacal villain must, Azharul brags of his cunning plans and how he attained near immortality – revealing that he was once Cyan the Elder. With Exene’s appreciation for ridding her library of an unwanted spirit, the party finds clues to the location of the Scroll of Fate.

Chapter Eleven
Dragon Wars v2.01 Interplanetary Expansion Pack (Amelinda)
Back to Basics: Mashing Meatbags, Firebreath-ing Flocks, and Disintegrating Deathbots (or “Fighting the Firstformed”) (Lawrence)

Following the leads gained in Exene’s library, our intrepid heroes boldly go where no party has gone before. Well, almost no one. Travelling to another planet, where the gods and goddesses of Meier first tried their hands at divine creation, the party must fight untold terrors and navigate the SmartHouse maximum security prison of failed horrors.

Chapter Twelve
A Cat, a Dwarf, and a Turtle Walk into an Elevator (and One Gets Warm Milk) (Lawrence)
What Goes Up (Beuben’s Elevator) Must Come Down (Meier’s Core) (Lawrence)
Chapter Twelve: The Capricious Cat, the Omniscient Dwarf, and the Colorful Turtle: A Children’s Tale (Lawrence)
The Elevator of Fate Stops for No One (especially when the lever is jammed…) (Amelinda)
Why we don’t tell strangers our home address: The Gunderson Case Files (Amelinda)
The Last Space-Dragon Died of Skalding Heartburn (Amelinda)

Surviving yet another elevator ride (the worst yet), the party ascends to the top of the SmartHouse pyramidal prison and acquire the Scroll of Fate. But, the Scroll’s guardian has a score to settle with the gods on Meier, and after Grand Marshal Gunderson announces his jurisdiction, the guardian heads to devour the Quintessence and destroy Meier. Now the party must race the guardian and Tiamat to the Quintessence, or all will be lost.

Chapter Thirteen
Anelf’s Amnesia: The Dark Descent (Lawrence)
Meiercraft II: Heroes of the Hoard (Lawrence)
Journey to the Center of Meier: Trial of the Three (and a tree) Guardians
(If we were in Gard or under the ocean, it would have been subtitled: twenty-thousand leagues under the Serene See ) (Amelinda)

In their race to the center of Meier, where the Quintessence is hidden, the party encounters an old acquaintance – the Rabbit Prince. Intrigued into helping the party, they navigate the traps and other loa, close on the heals of the Tiamat’s agents. After defeating loa and a Hidden Hoard party, the heroes discover that Isp has arrived before them – but first they must make it past the three guardians of the Quintessence.

Chapter Fourteen
The Ultimate Penultimate Session of Epic Endings: And Stay Dead This Time! (Amelinda)
Descent to Ascension: All Alone-a with the Loa (Lawrence)
The Cat Chronicles, Book 3: Return of the King (of Construction) (Lawrence)
An Archmage, a Titan, and a Dragon God Walk into a Soul-Bound Bar: Kiss that Isp Goodbye (Lawrence)

Facing off with the guardians of the Quintessence, the party reaches the final guardian – it is the missing Anelf, inhabited by the will of Nameless! Our heroes manage to save their ally, and enter the chamber housing the Quintessence, only to see the mighty blue dragon Isp already consuming it. An epic battle ensues, and victory is achieved – Isp has been defeated and his spirit imprisoned in the Black Horizon, along with Azharul and a few other deserving sprits. The final, and biggest threat, to Meier remains – Tiamat.

Chapter Fifteen – Fin
All good things… (Amelinda)
The Dragon’s Fall at Dragonfall / Five Friends Fearlessly Fight Meier’s Five-Headed Foe / Doing as Demi-Deities Do: Saving the World from Tiamat, but not from the Inevitable Social Disorder / Pablo’s Happy Ending (Lawrence)

In which Tiamat is defeated, and our demi-god heroes must decide the future of Meier.

Dragon Wars: The Last Hope, Tiamat Strikes Back, and Return of the PCs

Meier Ayzel