Gideon City Locales

Gideon City is a metropolis spread across five small peninsulas, with four rivers running between them. Spread across the peninsulas are attractions of nearly every kind, and neighborhoods ranging from the ultra-rich to the poverty-stricken.

This page gives brief descriptions of each of the five peninsulae of Gideon City from west to east, and then highlights a few notable locales within and around the city.


Mermaid’s Peninsula

Mermaid’s Peninsula is the western-most peninsula of Gideon City. It’s mostly residential, middle-of-the-road dwellings, but also docks, most of which were wrecked by the October Hurricane. But it also contains Gilded Lane, home to Gideon City’s largest bank, and the Smollen Naval Base, in partial operation.

Sage Peninsula

Sage Peninsula contains Gideon City’s large market square, Rosebrook Square. Of course, there are many other markets and shops up and down the city. Sage Peninsula is very diverse. The aptly named Gideon City College and the lovely Sun Park are both in Sage Peninsula. Gunderson & Guns, the private investigator’s office, is located in Sage Peninsula.

Centrum Peninsula

Centrum is mostly a very upscale peninsula. Senate Hill is in the middle of Centrum, and it’s surrounded by rich neighborhoods like Blackheights and Marcus Mansion. The extremely expensive market at Anthemgate is just inside the wall separating Centrum Peninsula from the mainland. Also in Centrum Peninsula are the Pleasure Gardens, which are open to all.

Hero Peninsula

Hero Peninsula has a historical character, with a lot of buildings dating back old Gideon. It’s the site of the Imperial Palace, the Gideon City Post Office, the headquarters of the Vigilant Order of Quaestors, and the Cathedral-Court of Avatrunei. Plenty of other churches dot Hero Peninsula as well, including Our Lady of Glory, a Hiropean church and orphanage.

Centicore Peninsula

Centicore Peninsula is the eastern-most peninsula. Eastyard, the city’s main commercial shipping yard, is there, and the local markets also have fine goods from the colonies of the New World. Also in Centicore Peninsula is The Vuncule Museum, an art museum of the highest quality. The Beautiful Centicore tavern is a well-known spot on this peninsula. Lesser known is the small temple to Umuloni, shabby-looking from the outside but with an indoor waterfall and a beautiful view of the sea.



Boats and ships are everywhere in Gideon City. They range in size from simple river kayaks to huge oceanic vessels. Naturally, docks for these ships are also to be found throughout the town. The largest by far is Eastyard. It is a very big shipyard, which by itself is not that interesting. The ships there are the marvel. Huge merchantmen returning from the Bocan Islands, captured Arcish Galeones, and Gardish ships-of-the-line like Seadragons can all be seen there, depending on when you go.

Unfortunately, Eastyard was heavily damaged by the October Hurricane. Most of the damage has already been repaired, thanks to huge payments by local shipowners. Ironically, the repairs have not made Eastyard any easier to use, because it is now the only port in town that’s in full repair. Some ships are forced to anchor just off Gideon Harbor for a day or two while waiting in line for a moor at Eastyard.


Centrum Peninsula contains Senate Hill and some of the richest neighborhoods in Gideon City. A fortified wall seals off the peninsula from the mainland. Just on the inside of the wall is a large, upscale market district, called Anthemgate after the large gate in the center of the wall, now permanently open. The finest artisans dream of setting up shop in Anthemgate. Clothing, jewelry, wines, spices, and other fine goods can be found there – for the right price.

Gilded Lane

Gilded Lane is the financial center of Gideon City, home to Gildinnbank, the largest and oldest bank in Gard. Gildennbank is has been owned and run by House Iberta, a dwarven clan and noble house of Gideon City, since 193 BP, a fact the bank advertises proudly. Other banks, insurance houses, and shipping companies are located on or near Gilded Lane. It is worth pointing out that these firms never do business with adventurers.

Marcus Mansion

The Nobility of Gideon City are some of the wealthiest families of the world. The richest of these old, great Houses is House Marcus. Located on Centrum Peninsula, Marcus Mansion is a stupendous mansion smack in the middle of Gideon CIty. The exterior of the place is covered with amazing statues by some of the great artists of the age, and showcases the house’s fantastic wealth. Tours are available to the public on weekends – for a fee.

Via Spectrum

The five peninsulas are connected by bridges to each other, making it easy for foot and cart traffic to get from place to place without having to go back to the mainland. Unfortunately, none of the bridges remained in structurally sound form after the October Hurricane. Currently, only one complete set of bridges has been repaired. These bridges and the roads between them form a straight route through all five peninsulae, from west to east. Collectively, this path is called Via Spectrum.

Via Spectrum used to be free to all. However, since the Hurricane, an emergency toll has been instituted. Most foot traffic is unaffected, but horses, wagons, giants, and generally anyone size Large or larger has to pay the 5 cp for a daily pass to use any of Via Spectrum’s bridges.

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