Sour Scourge

The Sour Scourge is a notorious terrorist organization targeting slavers and slave-owners throughout Occident and the Bocan Islands. The Scourge is well-established and apparently well-funded, though the nature of its funding is completely unknown.

The ultimate goal is of the Sour Scourge is the worldwide abolition of slavery and the violent punishment of anyone remotely involved with its practice. Because it operates in near-independent cells, however, the exact methods and organizations of each cell vary. All cells use the same symbol: a whip tied in a knot.


The leader of the Sour Scourge is supposed to be a halfling named Benedict Goldenbrown, whose manifesto Cleansing Fires of Freedom is banned almost everywhere. The man himself has never been shown himself in public, and all attempts to locate him have failed, leading some to question whether he truly exists.


Sour Scourge cells are to be found in every Occidental country, although the terrorists’ center of activity is in Arcland, where slavery is most widely practiced. They usually target the homes and properties of slave owners, or sympathizers of slave owners. Another large part of the Sour Scourge is in a state of open war with Ogar, the goblinoid nation built on slave labor. The Sour Scourge also exists in the Bocans, where Scourge activities often overlap with simple piracy.

Scourge operations in Lasant have been rather limited, as slavery there is an rather popular institution of indentured servitude rather than chattel slavery as practiced in other parts of the world. However, they have been known to launch raids against illegal slavers. As these raids qualify as vigilante actions, and because the Sour Scourge cares little for collateral damage, they are no more welcome in Lasant than anywhere else.

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