Tan's Pre-Epilogue

(submitted 2014/12/15, just before the final session, upon reaching Wizard 5/Grand Mage 5 and gaining the “political savant” class ability)

Unbeknownst to Tan, his name has become a common topic in some of the bars and pubs in Eustace (partially thanks to Chaz’s catchy tunes). Word of the young Claysawan and his wildly destructive magic—the fire that cremated a raging barbarian, the acid that liquefied a skeletal assassin, the thunder that shocked devils sent by Ilumot himself—are the talk of many laymen in smaller bars. The most recent tale, yet to be verified, is that Tan and his companions magically appeared from under the shade of the large oaks in one of Gideon City’s parks, carrying two halves of a powerful fiend that their paladin had cloven in twain.

These successes are the reason that he has unknowingly earned respect not only among the Eustan mundies, but among other magocrats as well. For within the span of one month, Tan has exploded to the forefront of discussions about upcoming evokers, as tales of his fiery contributions to his party’s victories in Gideon City have spread. Many are surprised that such a young mage could develop his powers so quickly, while others say that this is merely the consequence of adventuring: most people frown upon practicing fireball indoors, but people seem to mind less when you’re an adventurer they’ve hired to solve their problems.

Still, with word that Tan and his friends have been rooting out the corruption caused by an underground crime organization called “TEMPT” in Gideon City, some people are expressing hopes that this untamed upstart might be the one to spark an overhaul of the magocratic system of governance in Eustace—or perhaps even ignite rebellion.

For it has not gone unnoticed that Tan had been expelled from the Collegiate for openly flouting the Collegiate’s rules, or that Tan went from a perceived failure to a huge success once he left the restricted environment of Eustace, or that Tan spoke often of his Lotherian beliefs from Claysaw that everyone has potential. Some even believe that Tan’s training has been orchestrated from the beginning—some say by an underground group of Claysawan wizards, some say by the enigmatic dragons, some say by the far-seeing Arch-Diviner Lazulum… but never do these statements carry any concrete proof.

Regardless of the truth behind his training, the fact of the matter is that many Eustans—low level casters, spontaneous casters, and mundies alike—have a faint hope that this young man will return to Eustace to burn down the magocratic tyranny that so many suffer under. That is not to say that he is the only hope; many who fear oppression by any wizard look toward another savior, the suave swashbuckler Chaz, whose homely Eustan roots and dashing good looks make him an idol over whom many young men and women swoon.

However, it still remains unclear whether any of these hopes that Tan can bring greater freedom to non-wizards are actually founded, for it is also well known that Tan doesn’t really care too much about politics and would much rather find better ways to make things melt. Some simply believe that he is unreliable, which is not entirely untrue.

The fact remains, however, that despite all of his successes, one last battle remains.

For unbeknownst to the common people of Eustace, a secretive snake plans the destruction of Gard from within her lair….

Tan's Pre-Epilogue

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