Name Exene
Titles Knower, Patternweaver, Librarian of the Lost Words
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Portfolio Knowledge, cleverness, patterns, learning
Worshipers Students, teachers, alchemists, wizards
Depiction A young woman reading a book
Holy Symbol A dodecahedron with runes on its faces
Domains Artifice, Knowledge, Law, Magic, Rune
Subdomains Arcane, Construct, Divine, Inevitable, Language, Memory
Favored Animal Pigeon
Favored Weapon Rapier

Holy Symbol of Exene


Knowledge is the highest good, and can be truly gained only through unremitting study. Almost everything you encounter is part of a larger design, whether it be a simple mortal choice made long ago, or the ineffable plans of the gods. Combat ignorance and protect the foolish from themselves.


Tales concerning Exene are related in a cycle of books called the Words of Exene, a dryly-written set of stories that few outside of Exene’s clergy care to read. One of the only interesting stories in the Words describes how Exene keeps a library containing every book ever written, many more books that have never been written, and even some books that could never be written. The library’s directory supposedly includes a complete biography of every mortal who has ever lived and died, and a book for every secret that has been lost to mortals. This library, tucked away behind the walls of reality itself, is Exene’s private domain, one to which her most devoted followers may enter after death.

One thing never mentioned in the Words of Exene, but found in many other tales, is the romantic relationship between Exene and Hylaeos. The Exenite versions of most of these stories are protected by clerics, who maintain that they have deep mystical and theological wisdom conveyed by metaphor, which could easily be misunderstood by uninitiated readers. The Hylaeite verson of these tales are very baudy and popular subjects for bards.


Exene is a popular deity for wizards and theurges. Alchemists may also be Exene worshipers, although many of them tend towards Jackiv, who is more supportive of their brand of experimentation. Exenite wizards are known for their attention to fact and detail.

Paladins of Exene are not necessarily scholars themselves, but rather see themselves as protectors of the academic ideal. They always treat sages with the utmost reverence. They are very concerned with protecting and uncovering the truth, and take their vows not to lie most seriously.

Exenites who consider themselves intelligent have a habit of being condescending towards others. If they are lawful good, they may see anyone not as bright as they are as “simple folk” who desperately need their protection. If they are lawful evil, they may see them as “fools” or “test subjects.”


A character with Exene as her patron and the ability to summon a familiar may choose a pigeon as her familiar, for it is well-known that despite the reputation of owls for wisdom, pigeons are by far the smarter bird. A pigeon familiar grants its master a +3 bonus on Survival checks and has the statistics of a raven.

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