History of Gideon City

The History of Gideon City begins with the rise of the Empire of Gideon sometime around 1200 BP (according to most historians). The city was originally ruled by a republic where only the upper class was allowed to vote or hold office. The republic eventually reorganized itself into an empire, and then into a theocracy, before the ancient civilization collapsed abruptly in 417 BP.

With the collapse of the Imperial government, Gideon City’s hold over the rest of Occident withered very quickly. The city itself, however, was little affected. In fact, without the burden of managing a vast empire, Gideon City’s resources were turned inward, leading to many great civic improvements and construction projects. While the rest of the continent was beginning the Age of Conflict, Gideon City entered a new golden age. The republic was re-established to rule over the city, and it stayed neutral in most of the wars going on around it.

In 288 BP, despite Gideon City’s neutrality, the Kingdom of Chester launched an attack on the city and sacked it. The Gideonese noble families were scattered, and a puppet ruler from Chester was installed. Chester’s influence over the city would last for 80 years.

The Gideonese nobility returned, backed by mercenaries and a small group of heroic scions of the nobles in exile. When Gideon City re-established its independence, it gave up its neutrality and began to exert more and more influence in the region of southeast Occident, as it did in ages past.

In the year 0, the dragons decided to put an end to the Age of Conflict by taking complete control of all governments. The blue dragons unified the land which is now known as Arcland, and the brass dragons organized a new political union of eastern powers which became the Empire of Gard, with Gideon City as its capital.

According to people from Gideon City, Gard is the Empire of Gideon. Although the empire collapsed in 417 BP, the central government in Gideon City continued, and has continued with no interruption (except for the brief Cestrian occupation). The government of Gideon City today can trace itself all the way back to the founders of the Empire 1700 years ago.

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