North Almond

North Almond is a city in Gard. It is the capital and largest city of the province of Eustace, and seat of the magocracy there.

North Almond is a minor metropolis. The rest of Eustace is very rural, and there are no major trading cities in the area. The feel of North Almond is a curious mix of rustic and urbane. The streets are not as crowded, and the market not as busy, as a city-state like Gideon City, giving North Almond a backwater feel to which the arcane spires and signs of magic are an odd counterpoint.

Towers of Erudition

The capitol and seat of the Archmages can be found at the Towers of Erudition. Eight towers, each of equal height, are arranged in a circle around a traditional palace which they overlook. Each tower serves as both office and residence to a single Archmage, while the palace houses the Arcane Court as well as bureaucratic and diplomatic offices. The palace is rightfully called the House of the Wise, but everyone calls the palace the “Arcane Court”.

The Eye

A small dodecahedral structure, about 20 feet long, floats in midair above the House of the Wise. The structure is permanently invisible, but is easily noticed when it rains or snows, and the structure is lit up in various colors on holidays and special occasions. The Archmages are silent about what this structure is, but insiders say it contains a portal to the locked demiplane that is the Archmages’ inner sanctum. The structure is officially called The Eye. Most people mistakenly refer to it as Exene’s Eye.

Dragonfall Gate

Newly constructed on the edge of town, the Dragonfall Gate is a permanent portal to the town of Dragonfall, the first successful town in Freedland. The gate is a two-way portal; the other entrance is referred to as the Almond Gate. See Dragonfall Districts for more details.


North Almond is also home to the Collegiate, a university of the arcane.

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North Almond

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