Occidental Calendar

The Occidental Calendar, or OC, is the calendar used in the Occident, one of the two major continents in the north of Meier. It is currently 471 OC. (N.B. To relate this date to others in recent history or see the current date, see Date and Timeline.)

Year Zero

The Occidental Calendar is based on the year that The Pact was signed between the Occident’s four greatest powers, Arcland, Gard, Lasant, and Urst. This ended the Age of Conflict, a 400-year long series of wars and border struggles that came out of the fall of Gideon, the last great empire in the Occident. It also solidified the rule of the dragons on Occident in each of the four powers in question.

Before the Pact

Dates before the signing of the pact are sometimes given in terms of years Before the Pact, or BP. So, for example, a date ten years before the year the Pact was signed would be 10 BP, which equates to -10 OC. The BP style is popular in Gard and Urst, while the negative OC style is much more common in Arcland and Lasant. This wiki uses the BP style.


There are 365 days in the Occidental Calendar. These are divided into 12 months with 30 days each, plus a 13th month which is observed every six years. Starting from New Year’s Day, the winter solstice, the months are:

  • Unumber (Winter solstice)
  • Duober
  • Triember
  • Quatober (Spring equinox)
  • Quintember
  • Sectember
  • September (Summer solstice)
  • October
  • November
  • December (Fall equinox)
  • Undecember
  • Duodecember
  • Tridecember (leap month, held in years divisible by six only)

Days of the week

In the Occidental Calendar, a month consists of five weeks of six days each. They are:

  • Sidday
  • Kyonday
  • Wynsday
  • Trunday
  • Uarday
  • Zaraday

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