Name Umuloni
Titles Lady of the Rains, Storm Mistress, Cloudmaiden
Alignment Chaotic Good
Portfolio Storms, Dancing, Fish
Worshipers Sailors, Fishers, Performers
Depiction Dancing maiden with blue hair
Holy Symbol A dark cloud with rain falling from it
Domains Chaos, Good (Azata), Water, Weather (Storms)
Favored Animal Trout
Favored Weapon Trident


Rain and storms are gifts from Umuloni, who invented them. Do not hide from the rain, but dance and sing when it comes to greet you. Honor the fish of the sea, who live in harmony with the water and come to nourish you so you can do the same.


In the early days, the water stayed in the sea and the air in the sky. Since there was no air in the water, there was nothing for fish to breathe, and with no water in the sky, there was no rain for plants. Then one day, Umuloni waded until she was waist-deep in the ocean and began to dance. Her motion mixed up the sea and the sky, creating clouds, rains, storms. The sky seeped down into the sea, giving birth to fish. This, which people now think of as the “natural order” is nothing remotely like an “order”. It is the dance of Umuloni, whose every flourish brings a new storm to water the land. This is not order, but the expression of freedom and whimsy from the Lady of the Rains, and all are invited to join her.


Umuloni’s faith is found primarily in Songae, where fishing is a key industry and hurricanes are common. Both are considered gifts from Umuloni, and prayer to her is supposed to increase fish yields while bringing more storms – one would never ask her to avoid a storm, merely to make it a healthy downpour rather than a destructive hurricane.

There are a fair few followers of Umuloni outside of Songae, tending to appear in other places where storms are common. However, In Occident, these followers must be very careful not to offend the faithful of Avatrunei, who also claims to be master of the weather. He has a very different take on storms: to him, all weather is part of a well-ordered cycle of air and cloud moving according to hidden patterns that were decreed at the founding of the world, and which no one may alter. By contrast, Umuloni’s faithful say that the weather is a completely random expression of Umuloni’s dance.

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